How To… Almuñecar – La Herradura 

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the area or you have lived here for years, sometimes we all need a little help with know how to do something. Here is our list of How To Almuñecar – La Herradura. If you have something you have learned and would like to contribute, please contact us.

How To… Get Here

How To Get From Malaga To Almuñécar and La Herradura. There are many transportation options for getting from Malaga to Almuñécar.  To help facilitate your journey, below you will find a listing along with directions and maps.  The travel time can vary based on mode of transportation chosen as well as time or day of the week.  The Malaga airport code is AGP, click here for more Malaga Airport Information.  We will help you with driving to Almuñécar, taking the bus to Almuñécar, and other transportation options. Read more on
The municipality of Almuñécar is a lovely place to live/visit, but in order to enjoy it, you have to get here.  What are the airports closest to Almuñécar, La Herradura & Costa Tropical?  If you're flying from another country, or from within Spain, there are a number of airports to use.  There are two main choices for airports (Malaga and Granada).  We will also touch on other airports that can be used when traveling to Almuñécar. Read more on
If you want to get out and explore Spain, then we share the best car rental Malaga airport.  It is great to get off the beaten path and explore small villages, move on your own time schedule, and likely get a better deal by renting a car at the airport.  Read more on

How To… Administration

If you've moved, this is what you need to do your Change of Address in Spain! Links, tools, & examples of the address format in Spain. Read more on
denuncia policia- How To Report A Crime In Spain Unfortunately, crime is a fact of life, everywhere in the world.  Here is the process to file a complaint (denuncia) or report a crime in Spain. Read more on
Please remember to Recycle In Spain! This is a guide to the color coding used for recycling in Spain. We review each bin (plastic, metal, glass & more). Read more on
What is a digital certificate and how to get your digital certificate in Spain. Fran from AF Consulting will request one for you. Read more on
Parking Almuñécar - La Herradura, how to pay a parking fine or avoid one. There is seasonal parking near the beaches and daily in town. read more on
We share with you HOW and WHERE to obtain replacement butane cylinders in Almuñécar and La Herradura. Butano (Butane bottles).
Let's talk Expat Health Insurance Spain costs, coverge and companies!  A list of health insurance for Spanish residency with healthcare in Spain for expats, students, retirees and more. We share some info about the cost of health insurance in Spain and tips for coverage. Read more on
How to renew your vehicle ITV in Spain. Read more about the ITV Spain renewal on
Car insurance in Spain is pretty straightforward, and in this post, we will share with you Spain car insurance options.  Having car insurance is a legal requirement in Spain, so make sure you're covered before getting the open road.  We'll also review the EU accident report form in the event you have an accident. Read more on

How To… Integrate

Trusted tips for you to create your own Spanish immersion program! So many of us moved to Spain to immerse ourselves in Spanish, so let's get it done!  Including day-to-day life, the culture, the food, and the language.  Sometimes that is easier said than done.  It doesn't matter if you are in Spain for a week or years, many of these suggestions will help you work towards your Spanish language learning goals.  Nearly everything is great for adults, kids, retirees, singles, couples, families! Read more on
Almuñecar social groups, there's nothing better than a sense of community & support. There are many social groups available in Almuñecar Spain. Read more on
La Herrradura Almuñécar Holidays, Festivals, Ferias. Festivals of Almuñécar & La Herradura, plus annual calendar. A calendar with the dates for La Herradura and Almuñécar holidays (local & national), ferias, fiestas and additional public school days off. Read more on

How To… Services

Quite frankly, the process to get married in Spain can potentially be frustrating, but once you understand the different options then it is easy to have a stress-free wedding in the Spanish sunshine. Read more on
What is the importance of making a Spanish will. Do I really need to have a will in Spain? Owning a Spanish property can lead to uncertainty about your foreign obligations. Plan well ahead when you buy the property in Spain, and ensure you have a Spanish Will. Owning a property in Spain without making a Will can be a very risky and ultimately a costly decision for you and your legal heirs. Why? Read more on
Spain's enchanting landscapes, rich culture, and Mediterranean climate have made it a magnet for retirees from around the world. However, amidst the joy of living abroad, it's essential to address a topic that often goes unspoken: planning for the end of life in a foreign land. It is a good idea to have pre-arranged funeral plans in Spain. Read more on

How To… Tips

Scams, Pickpockets, & Things To Look Out For- An informational post to help you remain aware of scams, pickpockets, and things to look out for.  First of all, we feel this is a very safe area to live and rarely hear of any crime.  However, every once in a while we do hear of something and thought we would share the information with you.  Scammers are everywhere in cities big and small, so we hope this helps to keep you informed and to be on the lookout for these things. Read more on
What's in a name?  Is it Almuñécar or Almunecar?  Why do we sometimes see the word Sexi and hear about Sexitanos?  Don't worry, we will do our best to explain it to you!  Let's learn about the name "Almuñécar", how to pronounce it and a tiny bit of history. Read more on
There is so much confusion about residency in Spain.  People often don't understand if they are a Resident, Tax Resident, or Non- Tax Resident.  This is especially true for those citizens within the EU who can travel  and reside in the EU countries freely and sometimes for the Non-EU citizens too. Read more on
If you are looking for the travel resources we personally use and recommend, this page has it all for you.  From booking accommodation to learning Spanish and booking travel to medical insurance.  Each of these companies offers great travel resources & deals. Read more on
Spain Senior Discounts. Services, and Programs - Retirement in Spain can't be all that bad, especially when you have access to Spain senior discounts and services!  Who doesn't love to save money or take advantage of that special offer?   We will share some of the main programs and offers with you. read more on
We share with you some Almuñecar & La Herradura bus options.  You actually have a couple of choices for using public transport to travel between the towns. Read more on

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