Learning Spanish In Spain Online & Before You Arrive

Should you be Learning Spanish before you arrive?

When it comes to learning Spanish, we think it is helpful to at least have your basic manners and counting under your belt before you arrive.  There are very few locals in town who speak English fluently, so do your best to speak the local language when you can.  Once you arrive, there will be local options for Spanish language classes, but the options below can be done before or after you arrive.

Here are the tools we have used and recommend.  Everyone has a different learning style, so that is why we are recommending a variety.  Learning Spanish can be fun at any age.

learning Spanish and self study


These are all tools you can use with your laptop outside, inside or using a mobile device as well.  You can study your Spanish anywhere!

Lengua Home

There is a local Almuñecar teacher who provides online Spanish Classes, so you can practice before you arrive, while you are here, and when you return.  Keep the learning going no matter where you are in the world!
Lengua Home There is a local Almuñecar teacher who provides online Spanish Classes, so you can practice before you arrive, while you are here, and when you return.  Keep the learning going no matter where you are in the world! Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish is our favorite to allow you to feel confident right from the start.  It helps you build an instant vocabulary using English words as your base.   There are certain rules which are easy to follow and before you know it, you have a good vocabulary.   For example if a work in English end with “tion”  (celebration, constitution, etc), when learning Spanish you will see the ending just changes to “ción” (celebración, constitución, etc).  It is amazing how fast you will learn Spanish!  Click on the image or link to learn more about Synergy Spanish Click Here!

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I Will Teach You A Language

With this new program, they offer you the opportunity to make the most out of life by learning Spanish the right way, even if you’ve tried and failed in the past.

Beginner (from nothing to upper beginner A2)

  • Spanish Uncovered – Learn Spanish Through the Power of Story
    An exciting new program to learn Spanish the right way, fueled by your imagination!

Intermediate (B1-B2) 

  • Grammar Hero Spanish – Grammar Hero Helps You Internalize Spanish Grammar, Speak with Authenticity & Communicate with Freedom!
  • Conversations – Conversations Helps You Understand Real Spanish & Transform Your Listening Skills in Less Than 90 Days


Learn online in live classes with teacher!  You can have classes in small groups, private classes or both.

Group classes are led by native teachers, are 60 minutes long, typically have 5 students, and are organized according to the level and interests of participants, in order to achieve the best possible learning results for everyone. During the class, your teacher will encourage every student to participate, so that everyone makes progress. For example, by going over exercises or making a round of questions, students should easily retain the content of the class.

Whether you are preparing for an exam, an upcoming interview or a presentation at work, our teachers will be happy to assist you in reaching your goals. Private classes are available at any time. Choose a private class from our curriculum or request your own topic, date, time and learn with a private teacher.


Pimsleur is also a great way to learn Spanish as well.  It all depends on your learning style and how dedicated you are.  Pimsleur follows the style of listening and repeating.  Each session is just 30 minutes and you will be amazed at how quickly you can pick it up.  Of course you can repeat any session until you are comfortable to move on.  Each session builds on the previous one, so don’t skip ahead.    This is very nice to just limit yourself to 30 minutes a day and see how much you learn.  Click here to learn more Pimsleur.com, or Click on the image below.



The cool thing about FluentU is the way they’ve arranged the “classes”.  If you want to learn in a passive way, there is audio for both words and their use in sentences.  Once you’ve learned the lesson, you presented with quizzes.  But they don’t feel like quizzes.   Learn more about FluentU Here!  FluentU is a new way to learn a language.  Read our review here!


Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is unique because it teaches you how to communicate in your new language in real life.  The goal is that you master your new language in any situation and that you like how it sounds.  The best way to understand it is to try it, that’s why we give you the first class.

Everyday Low Price: Rosetta Stone 3-Month Subscription



Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages knows more about learning a new language than anyone on the planet!   They offer multiple award-winning language learning courses used by more than 1,200,000 people, just like you, to master a new language.  With more than 1,400 5-star reviews you can be comfortable knowing that their products are high quality and engaging.

Their language learning system is based on both science and the practical success strategies that polyglots (people who speak 5 or more languages fluently) use.  And their Spanish courses give you the best bang for your buck, as every course has more than 100 hours of repeatable tuition.  Rocket Languages is Amazing!  Click Here to learn more or on the image below.

Learn Spanish in no time with Rocket Languages
Learn more about Rocket Languages Here

Of course we can’t forget full immersion!

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to live it every day.  Speaking with the locals or attending a class will really advance the process for learning Spanish.

TV and Radio

Try to go online to watch game shows, sitcoms, soap operas or just listen to the news radio in the background.  Games shows are usually easy to follow and we like Boom and Pasa Palabra.


Fun & Interactive Spanish Courses In Almuñécar

If you are interested in taking classes in town, we have a few options for you.

  • This is our main “go to” school in Almuñécar and they are absolutely amazing.  Tropical Coast Languages has many programs to fit your needs.
  • We love Centro El Mar in La Herradura too!  We like to attend some of their specialized workshops, but they offer great resident courses as well.
  • We have a special offer available with INTER and it is perfect for any level and good for 1-3 adults or a family of 4.
    Inter Spanish lessons Offer
  • View our business directory to see Spanish language school options. Many offer lessons remotely as well, via skype and facetime.

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