Almuñécar Sunday Market – Rastro de Almuñecar Domingo

If you like to find a good bargain, then the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo is the place to be!  Every Sunday you can socialize, browse and purchase the most unusual things.  This is a flea market dedicated to antiques and second-hand items!  Located in the fairgrounds near the Blas Infante Arches, it has now grown to take up the entire lot on both sides.  This market is frequented by so many people now, it is just as popular as the Friday Market.

Good bargains at the Almuñécar Sunday Market or Rastro Almuñecar Domingo! This flea market is dedicated to antiques & second-hand items. Read more on

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Best Car Rental Malaga Airport Inside The Terminal and Offsite

As you know Malaga is the nearest airport to Almuñécar, and if you want to explore Spain while you are here, then a car rental from Malaga airport is a great option.  You will be able to get off the beaten path and discover small villages, move on your own time schedule, and likely get a better deal by renting a car at the Malaga airport.  We will review with you some of your options for your car rental Malaga Airport.

aeropuerto de Malaga_ Renting a car Malaga Airport


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How To Figure Out Parking in Almuñécar & La Herradura

Pay Parking in Almuñécar

There are several options for Parking in Almuñécar.  Some of the options have a time limit, while others are more worry free.  You must be aware of the different seasons, dates and hours for the “On street pay parking“, as it can be a bit confusing.

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11 Amazing & Affordable Almuñécar Restaurants In The Spotlight

Are you roaming the streets looking for affordable Almuñécar restaurants?  Well you are in luck, because we are going to help you with your search!  You asked for it and we are going to tell you just what we think.

Amazing & Affordable Almuñécar Restaurants In The Spotlight. Read more on


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Costa Tropical – Tropico Express Tourist Train

Tropico Express Tourist Train

Trópico Express Tourist Train

The Trópico Express Train takes you on a tour along the beaches and paseos of Almuñécar.  Continue reading

How To Pay Your Parking Fine in Almuñécar Spain

With the tourist season fast approaching, that means more people.  More people means more cars.  Unfortunately, it does not mean more parking spaces.  This post will explain how to pay your parking fine in Almuñécar.  I am sure it is similar around Spain, but we will provide you details and help save you money!  If you want to understand what all of the different colored lines mean on the road and where to park, click here.

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INTER Spanish Lessons Offer For You Plus A Friend Or Two

INTER Spanish Courses has created a unique custom package to get you speaking Spanish!

Spanish courses are available for foreigners from basic level to Advanced.  With more than 25 years of training and teaching, they can help you with speaking Spanish in no time!  They customize the classes to meet your needs and bring you to the next level.  It’s their wish for you to be speaking Spanish and feeling comfortable and confident.  Their Spanish courses are by appointment, so they are flexible (limited availability in August).Continue reading

Fiesta de San Juan In Costa Tropical (June 23 & 24) 2020 celebrations cancelled

Cancelled for June 2020

If you are in Costa Tropical during the month of June, you may hear people speaking of Fiesta de San Juan or Noche de San Juan.  You likely assumed it was some sort of celebration, but it may also leave you with several questions.  Who is San Juan?  What is the fiesta de San Juan in celebration of?  Why do some people say it is June 23rd and other people say it is June 24th?  Let us help you figure it all out!

Fiesta de San Juan In Costa Tropical. Fiesta de San Juan In Costa Tropical is something to experience! It is a beach party full of music, dancing, food, drinks, bonfires and camping. Including Almuñécar, La Herradura, Salobreña and Lanjarón. Read more on

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Almuñécar Videos

Here are just some of the Almuñécar Videos we have available.  We also have several playlists on Youtube of Almunecar.  Please see them below:

Almuñécar Summer!


Almunecar Fiestas and Ferias

Beautiful Almunecar features

Enjoy Almunecar Spain!

Here is the A-Z list of things to know and enjoy about Almunecar.

A Video of Almuñécar in beautiful Costa Tropical Spain.



Almuñécar Costa Tropical

Tours, Excursions, Activities, & Day Bus Trips - we have a great list for you here!

Read our Almunecar Spain Guide and what it has to offer you as a tourist or a resident.  Come to the Costa Tropical!

Click here for Almuñécar holidays, ferias, fiestas, and festivals.

We provide you with several lists of some favorite Almuñécar Restaurants & La Herradura restaurants too. From tapas to fine dining & churros to flamenco. 

Some facts all about Almuñécar Spain A-Z, Let’s Learn A Little & Enjoy Almunecar.

El Tiempo en Almuñécar (The Weather in Almuñécar)

Popular Social Media Spots In Almuñécar & La Herradura.  Where are the best locations for those Instagram and Facebook photos?

Que ver en Almuñecar/ What to do in Almuñecar

Looking for things to do or what to see in town?  We have so many options for you, find out more! Things to do in Almunecar Spain. From Almunecar Beaches, to castles there is so much to see and do. Including local activities, day trips, outdoors, Almunecar beaches and more. Read more on


Places to Stay in Spain


Clothing Optional Beaches or Nude Beaches Spain Costa Tropical

Nude Beaches Spain!  You want them and we have them.  Costa Tropical is a paradise for the nude naturist, with plenty of options to soak up the sun and enjoy the beach.  Costa Tropical is a nice little secret along the coast of Granada and there are a few options for clothing optional beaches.  It is touristy enough to have the amenities you will enjoy, yet private enough to feel like you are living with the locals.  While this slice of coastline isn’t vast, you certainly have a great choice of naturalists beaches to choose from.

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