La Herradura & Almuñécar Carnival 2023

Get ready for costumes, masquerade, parades, singing, dancing, music, activities, food & drink.
It’s time to celebrate La Herradura & Almuñécar Carnival!  The parades begin at one location and end with a party at another location. This year the party locations are at the Rio Verde Fairgrounds in Almuñécar (near Rio Verde Park) and at the Plaza del Centro Civico in La Herradura.  Keep on reading for detailed events and locations.

La Herradura and Almuñécar Carnival Costumes, masquerade, parades, singing, dancing, music, activities, food and drink.  This is what you will experience when you celebrate La Herradura & Almuñécar Carnival! Read more at

What is Carnival?

Carnival is typically an annual Christian feast time leading up to Lent.  This is the time to eat, drink and be merry.  It is often celebrated in style with costumes, masquerade, parades, singing, dancing, music, activities, food and drink.  The biggest Carnival event in the world is in Rio de Janeiro.  There is also a very large Carnival celebration right here in Spain too, with 10 days of fun at Carnaval in Cádiz.  The final night is the biggest parade and costume contests.

You may have also heard of Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Fat Tuesday is the last night to indulge in rich and fatty foods, before lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  Lent is the period from Ash Wednesday to Easter (Semana Santa).  This is a period of 40 days and changes each year according to the date of Easter on Christian calendar.  Lent is the time for reflection, awareness, “fasting” or giving up something indulgent, as well as preparation for Easter celebrations.  These 40 days of Lent are intended to have Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

Other terms used:  Carnivale, Carnivals, Carnavals, Carnavales

Please see holiday calendar here

La Herradura & Almuñécar Agenda 2023

Almuñécar & La Herradura Carnival group costume contest

Almuñécar Carnival 2023

This is always great fun and you can enjoy an intimate celebration in La Herradura or a slightly bigger festival in Almuñécar.  Either way you are in for a treat and will enjoy the experience!  The Carnaval de Almuñecar main party location is held at the Río Verde fairgrounds.
Concejalía de Cultura y Fiestas de Almuñécar


Almuñécar Children’s Carnaval – Friday, February 17

The Carnival will start on Friday the 17th for the children. In the morning each of the children’s centers / schools will hold a big party.

16:30  Infantil Carnival party in Almuñécar

In the afternoon, from 16:30, the Children’s Carnival party begins!  Be prepared for the kids to have so much fun, with inflatables, face painting, crafts and animation.  Held in Río Verde fairgrounds.

17:00  Theatre Shows Almuñécar

Elenco Teatro will present the show “The Magic of Disney”. An hour later, the great show by Cantajuegos oficial will be the protagonist, with “El Circo del payaso Tallarín”.

19:15  Children’s Costume Contest 

The parties will be held in Río Verde fairgrounds.

Almuñécar Children's Carnaval - Friday, February 17

Almuñécar Carnaval  Adults – Saturday, February 18

17:00  Carnival Bike Parade in Almuñécar

Urban bike parade for adults and kids.  Departing from the Municipal Stadium and finishing at the Río Verde fairgrounds.

The participants will gather at the gate of the “Francisco Bonet” Municipal Sports Stadium and depart at 17:00 with the following route:
departure from Puerto de la Cruz street (Municipal Stadium) to access Mariana Pineda street from Baracoa street and Hurtado de Mendoza, arrive at Plaza Madrid. Then the entourage will go along Paseo del Altillo and Paseo Prieto Moreno to Paseo San Cristóbal, and take a detour along Calle Guadix, to Avenida Costa del Sol, Carrera de la Concepción, Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I, Calle Hurtado de Mendoza, Plaza Madrid , Paseo del Altillo, Paseo Prieto Moreno, Paseo San Cristóbal, Calle Guadix, and access via Calle Vélez to the Rio Verde Fairgrounds, where gifts will be distributed to the participants.

Get on your best costume and bring your bike.  This is a fun event for children and adults, as you parade around town in costume riding your bicycles.  The parade departs from the Stadium at 11:00, but show up about 30 minutes early to register for the event.


19:00 Adult Carnival Party!

The Adult Carnival starts at 19:00 and will continue through the night. We will have our big party especially for young people and not so young. This year we will have a performance by Lennys Rodríguez and Kike Rodríguez “La máquina del tiempo”.

In the tent there will also be entertainment and a march put on by DJs Charlie Ro and Emilio González. With them fun is guaranteed.

The finishing touch will be the great costume contest for which we will have great prizes.


Almuñécar Carnival parade

Following the costume contest is the big CARNIVAL PARTY!  With live music and DJs.  Spend the night doing something different and enjoy all of the fun with your friends and family!

‼️THIS IS CARNIVAL from the past‼️

Almuñécar Carnival costume contest


Almuñécar Carnaval  Family – Sunday, February 19

This day is all about the family!   “Family Carnival” is for the entire family to go out and dress up, while enjoying a carnival atmosphere.

12:30 the Carnaval Parade!

The Carnaval great parade is planned by the Aromar Professional Dance Conservatory. Departing from the “Francisco Bonet” stadium to tour Puerto de la Cruz, Larache, Fenicia and Rey Juan Carlos I avenues and Calle Hurtado de Mendoza to arrive at the Río Verde Fairgrounds two hours later.

Almuñécar Carnival parade

14:30 Entertainment

At the Rio Verde Fairgrounds, under the big Carnival tent enjoy entertainment. The Elenco Teatro will offer the fashionable musical of the “Addams Family” and Aromar a show of Avatar and Romeo and Juliet.

15:00 Pallea Gigante!

Around  15:00 there will be free paella for attendees and a great party with the most popular and festive music of today.

La Herradura Carnival 2023
February 17 – 19

La Herradura Carnaval 2023


The events will take place at the Centro Civico Plaza, including parades, costume contests, workshops, parties and performances!

La Herradura Children’s Carnaval – Friday, February 17

16:30  Infantil Carnival in La Herradura

The La Herradura Children’s Carnaval parade will start at 16:30.  It will be departing from the Las Tejas futbol field and continue down the paseo and over to the Plaza del Centro Civico.

La Herradura Carnival Children’s Party!

Following the parade will be The Carnival party, with bouncy houses, activities and more. Plaza del Centro Civico!  Where the costume contest will take place, for both individuals and groups.  The Children’s Carnival has the collaboration of the Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPA) Bahía Fenicia of the Las Gaviotas de La Herradura School, the Pura Danza School and the organization corresponds to the Mayor’s Office of La Herradura and the Sexta City Council.

La Herradura Carnaval 2023

La Herradura Carnaval Adults – Saturday, February 18

La Herradura Carnaval 2023

21:00 La Herradura Carnival Parade

Once again costumes are on parade for the adults!  You will see individual costumes, small groups and large group costume themes as well.  Join in on the fun or just come to watch. The La Herradura Adult’s Carnaval parade will start at 21:00.  It will be departing from the Las Tejas futbol field and continue down the paseo and over to the Plaza del Centro Civico.

 La Herradura Chirigotas  and Costume Contest

Following the parade, you may enjoy the chirigotas singing and costume contest.  Come see who will win the prizes this year!

La Herradura Carnaval Party

Following the contests, the night will end with a Guateque Carnival Party that will be inspired by DJ Moisés Franco.

Almuñécar & La Herradura Carnival group costume contest

La Herradura Carnaval – Sunday, February 19

19:00  Carnival in La Herradura Performance

19:00 The carnival calendar will wrap up on Sunday, with a performance,  by the chirigota from Cádiz “Los ya son Five de Cai”. Located in the “Diego Martínez” auditorium of the Civic Center.  The entrance will be 2 euros and benefit Cáritas.


Carnival Nerja 2023

February 16 – 19, 2023
View Nerja Ayuntamiento Page


La Herradura & Almuñécar Carnival Image Gallery


Guide to Carnivales in Andalucia

Read more about the various events in Andalucia here.

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