Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios

The Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios, also known as the Cave of 7 Palaces, is surprisingly not located within a cave.  Instead it represents the largest section of the former Roman Palace.  The museum is located in what was once the basement of this Roman Palace.  Inside, there are remains of the historic past of Almuñécar.  Including remains found at the necropolis of Puente de Noy, Laurita, and the fish salting factory of El Majuelo.

San Miguel Castle and Arc Museum Almunecar

Cueva de Siete Palacios

The structure itself dates back to around the 1st century AD when the area was occupied by the Romans.  The story goes that the Romans wanted more usable space within the town to build and because it was already so built up at the time there wasn’t much land left.  Of course because the Romans were so crafty, they decided to create some. Using an arch system and vaults, they built around the existing structures.  They constructed a flat platform that sat on top and once erected, a temple was built in honor of the Roman goddess Minerva.

These vaults created a dome-like effect which the locals called caves.  Some are still inhabited to this day.  It is believed that the museum’s official name comes from the reference to the “caves” and to a central “vault” feature that is crossed by seven other shorter vaults.  Today the stone monument still remains.  Since 1984, the Almuñécar archaeological museum resides in the basement.

Absolutely fascinating!

It is fascinating from an archaeological viewpoint to see all of the ancient treasures, including an Egyptian glass from the XVII century BC sculptured in solid quartz.  Also found within the vaults are hieroglyphics, which date back to the time of the reign of Pharaoh Apofis I cerca 1500 BC.  There are artifacts are represented from the Phoenicians, Romans and the Moors, among others.  You will find ceramic urns, jewelry, clothing fastenings, etc.


The Archaeological museum is located in the heart of the Casco Antiquo or Almunecar “old town”,  in the barrio of San Miguel.  It is just a short walk from the San Miguel Castle and you may purchase a combined ticket to enter both sites.

You may access by foot, as this is on the hill above the pedestrian-only zone of old town.  The city has recently started a shuttle service to the San Miguel Castle, which would also provide easier access to the Cueva de Siete Palacios as well.

San Miguel Castle and Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios entry Almunecar


Archaeological Museum Cueva de Siete Palacios Location

Calle Cueva Siete Palacios  18690 Almuñécar Granada

Tourism Almuñécar website – Cave of 7 Palaces
Andalucia and Granada Tourism – San Miguel Castle

Tuesday to Saturday:  1000 – 1330 / 1700-1930
Sunday:  1000 – 1300
Closed Sunday afternoon & Monday



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