Food Tour Málaga – A Perfect Day Trip From Almuñécar

Tickle your taste buds, absorb the culture & explore Málaga.  This Málaga Food Tour is the perfect way to spend a day out and get to know a little more about the city of Málaga.  There is a great food tour offered by Devour Málaga and you won’t leave hungry!

Devour Malaga Food Tour. Allow all of your senses to experience the best of Malaga. A popular food tour Malaga is a great treat for a group of friends or the entire family. this is a perfect day trip from Almuñécar . Read more on

Food Tour Málaga

On this Málaga food tour, there are 5 main stops where you will be able to enjoy breakfast, snack, drinks and lunch.  While you are on your way to each food/drink stop, you also receive a wonderful walking tour of the city.

Tasty treats on our Devour Malaga Food Tour

Of course the guide is full of information and will let you know all about the history, and culture of what you are seeing, eating and doing.  This tour offers you the best way to fully experience Málaga and tie in how food and the history are intertwined.

Malaga Food Tour

What we really liked the most, is how they hand-picked local shops and restaurants for the tour.  These are the “real” Málaga experience and you get to hear their personal history and stories of their establishment.  It is really heartwarming and great to meet the owners and have them show off their pride and joy to you.

More details on a personal experience of the Food Tour Málaga may also be found on Wagoners Abroad.  If you happen to be staying in the city and are looking for the day trips from Málaga, come on over to Almuñécar.

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Getting to the Food Tour Málaga

Of course you may drive or take the bus into the city.

Bus from Almuñécar to Málaga

If you plan to take the bus allow about 2 – 2 1/2 hours transportation time.  It is about 90 min for the bus to the city center and then 20-30 min to the meeting point.

  • Bus from Almuñécar to Málaga central bus station.  It is usually about 7-8€ each way.
    There are several options for you to select.  Please go online to verify exact times for your date of departure.
  • You may book your bus tickets online now!

    Example Alsa bus schedule:
    Once in Málaga 

  • Walking from central bus station to Plaza de la Constitución, Málaga walking directions  (25 minutes)
  • City bus from central bus station to Plaza de la Constitución, Málaga city bus directions  (18 minutes)

Self Drive from Almuñécar to Málaga

It is about a 1 hour drive to the parking garage and then a 10 minute walk to the meeting point.  Keep in mind, you will be drinking alcohol, so do have a designated driver or plan to remain in the city until you are good to drive.  Below you will find a map to the Málaga parking garage nearest to the meeting point for the food tour.

  • Plan to spend 10-14€ for parking, as it is by the hour.  If you plan to explore a little before or after the tour, expect it to be slightly more.
  • The map below shows driving directions from Almuñécar to Málaga and also provides walking directions from parking garage to the food tour meeting point at Plaza de la Constitución.

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Organized Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy.  You can choose from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Malaga Deals!

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