Walking Routes Almuñécar – La Herradura & Nearby

Who loves to get out and move?  Why not explore the area on foot?  There are many existing Costa Tropical walking routes to choose from or you can create your own.  We will share a few of the handy walking routes in Almuñécar – La Herradura and surrounding areas.  Try them all or share your best route with us in the comments.

Some favorite walking routes Almuñécar - La Herradura & surrounding areas. Get out and explore the Costa Tropical walking routes we suggest or you can create your own.  Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Walking Routes Online

When searching online for walking routes nearby or for a certain area, there are several words you can use for your search.  We will share some in English and the Spanish term to help you out as well.  As English isn’t widely used in this area, you may find more if you search with the Spanish term.

Rutas mean “routes” and Senderismo means:”hiking”.
When you put it all together Rutas de Senderismo means “routes of hiking” or Hiking Routes!
You can also search for mountaineering or walking trails.  Here are a couple of popular sites with walking and hiking routes in Spain.


Wikiloc is what we like best.  It is a website that offers free GPS trails and waypoints that members can upload and share.  This mashup shows the routes in frames showing Google Maps.  The service is also available in Google Earth.  There are mobile apps for Android and iPhone.  So you can take full advantage of the hiking and walking routes that others have already uploaded or you can add your own!
Link to detailed routes on Wikiloc for Almuñécar walks and hikes.  Link to detailed routes on Wikiloc for Salobreña hikes and walks.


MapMyWalk is a tool that allows you to track and map every walk with ease.  For every mile you go, you’ll get feedback and stats to help you improve your performance.  You can also discover new routes by others and save or share your favorites.  Get inspired and reach new walking goals with a 40 million member strong community of athletes. Link to detailed routes on MapMyWalk for Almuñécar area walks and hikes.

Free hiking routes in the Almuñécar area

Some are from the Guia de Almuñécar, which is a Spanish site, but we have converted all of the links through Google Translate.

The objective of Hiking is to bring people closer to the natural environment.  Also to gain knowledge of the area through heritage and traditional routes, such as royal canyons, local roads, and trails.

Parque Mediterráneo Almuñécar (Mediterranean Park)

Enjoy a hike, walk, or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo Almuñécar (Mediterranean Park).  Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches, & gorgeous sea views too.  We shared a few photos of the Mediterranean Park on social media and they were a big hit.  Many people wanted to know more about where it was located and how to access it.  Therefore we are going to take you on a photo walk and provide you more information about Parque Mediterráneo en Almuñécar!

Enjoy an Almunecar hike, walk or picnic at Parque Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Park). Surrounded by nature, paths, beaches & gorgeous sea views too.

Tour of the Old Fisherman’s Way

Cotobro Beach, Playa del Muerto, Peñón del Lobo, Hotel Best Alcázar, Carretera de la Punta de la Mona, Camino del Berenguel and Iglesia de la Herradura.
Link to the detailed route of Tour of the Old Fisherman’s Way.

Naturist Beach del Muerto (Nude Beach)

Route between Salobreña – Almuñécar, Costa Tropical de Granada

Salobreña Peñón, Vega, La Caleta, Hotel Salobreña Best Western, Barranco de Enmedio Beach, Panorama Curumbico Urbanization, Curumbico Beaches, Cabria, Calabajio, Pozuelo, El Tesorillo, Velilla, Puerta del Mar and Zone P4 of Almuñécar, Municipal Stadium. Link to detailed route of Route between Salobreña – Almuñécar, Costa Tropical de Granada.

Velilla Beach to Salobrena views. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Walking route along the beaches of Almuñécar

Cala Curumbico, Cabria Beach, Calabajío Beach, Mediterranean Park, Pozuelo Beach, El Tesorillo Beach, Velilla Beach, Fuentepiedra Cove, Puerta del Mar Beach, Caletilla Beach, San Cristóbal Beach, Rincon de la China Beach, Cotobro Beach and El Muerto Beach ( Naturist).
Link to the detailed route of the Walking route along the beaches of Almuñécar, Costa Tropical de Granada.

Paseo San Cristobal views sept 2020 sunset. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Almuñécar City Route to the Roman Bridge of Cotobro

From the Monument to the Octopus on the Paseo Marítimo, Av, Juan Carlos I and Paseo Puerta del Mar, to the Roman Bridge, Siglo I AD are 3.7 km.  In the direction of the Beach and Cotobro Bay along the promenade, Playa Puerta del Mar, Paseo del Altillo, La Caletilla Beach, Peñones de San Cristóbal, Abderramán I Monument, San Cristóbal Beach, Rincón de la China Beach, Peñón de San Cristóbal and Bahía, uphill street to the Roman Bridge of Cotobro.
Link to the detailed route of City Route to the Roman Bridge of Cotobro, Almuñécar, Costa Tropical de Granada.

Almunecar-Spain-Roman-Bridge-of-Cotobro. If you are looking for things to do in Almunecar Spain, these should get you started.  There is no shortage of culture and history in the 5th oldest town in Spain! From exploring the mountains to the sea, you will make lasting memories.  It's likely you will have some amazing photos to walk away with as well.

From El Paseo de Velilla to the Torre del Diablo

Starting from the middle of the Bay, Paseo de Velilla and Calle risen de Velilla – height Chiringuito Tropical.  To the top of the Barranco de Enmedio, the Torre del Diablo (Almuñécar walks and hikes), going up a path in the Cala de Curumbico, behind the shower, you will find the access to a neighborhood at the top with concrete streets, with several curves until the road opens in two in a large yellow house, take a right and that same street ends at the Torre Vigia.
Link to the detailed route of El Paseo de Velilla to the Torre del Diablo

Devils Tower Almunecar. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com
De Veinticuatro de Jahén – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=74481977

Puerta del Mar Beach up to Los Pinos neighborhood

This route starts at Puerta del Mar Beach and guides you up through the Los Pinos neighborhood.  You will walk along La Romántica street and through the urbanization. Starting from “El Pulpo” the roundabout of the Paseo Marítimo and Av. Juan Carlos I – Puerta del Mar beach -, passing through several panoramic points of Almuñécar (rock, castle, church, Andalusian town, etc.), the watchtower Los Pinos until after the La Romántica urbanization with views of the Bay of Playa Velilla to Motril.
Link to the detailed route of Puerta del Mar Beach up to Los Pinos neighborhood route

Sunrise views from los pinos almunecar. Read more on Almunecarinfo.com

Walk The Paseos of Almuñécar

If you wish to walk the full length of all of the Almuñécar paseo, you are in for a treat!  It is a length of 6.42 km on foot and will take just over 1 hour to complete in one direction.  Walking distance in parallel with the promenade and cars, from the roundabout of Playa Pozuelo, El Tesorillo, Playa Velilla, Aquatropic, Fuentepiedra, Playa Puerta del Mar, El Altillo, Peñones de San Cristóbal, Playa San Cristóbal, Rincón de la China, Cotobro Beach.

If you only want to do a subset of the paseos, here are some data points for you.

From Playa Velilla to Cotobro

Distance:  5.22 km.  From the Jamaica Ice Cream Parlor on the Velilla Beach Promenade to the end of the promenade in Cotobro.

From El Tesorillo to the Fuentes Urbanization

From Calle El Tesorillo on the promenade to the national highway, Taramay Tunnel, Calle Tunel, Calle Citasol, Urbanization Citasol, Calle Citalmar, Home Urbanization Fuentes.

Almunecar Tesorillo Beach

Castles and Watchtowers

If you like castles and watchtowers, then you will love this post about those you will find along the Costa Tropical.

Hiking or Walking Groups

  • Sexi Senderistas

Sexi Senderistas is a group of people who like to organize walks and hikes.  Free and no membership.

  • Club Sendero

This is a Costa Tropical hiking club – link here.

  • Almuñécar Ayuntamiento Senderismo Group

The tourism board’s walking groups (senderismo) and more.

  • Senderismo Almuñecar Chicoenrique

This is a Facebook group set up by an individual, with a few hundred members.  It is full of nature lovers and hikers.
Link to Facebook group Senderismo Almuñecar Chicoenrique.

Tourist Walking Guides

AlmunecarInfo.com provides self-guided walking tours of Almuñécar and the surrounding areas.  These are all self-guided walking tours that provide you with directions, as well as historical information and tips.  Our passion is traveling, exploring, and experiencing.  Our mission is to provide a quick and easy source of information to print and take with you when you visit.

Almuñécar Walking Guides Cover

Hiking In Spain – Awesome Guides In The Spotlight

If you like to keep moving, there is no shortage of great places to go hiking in Spain!  No matter if you are in Galicia, Asturias, Pyrenees, Andalucia, and many other areas, you will be sure to have a great connection with nature.  We of course are based in Costa Tropical, so most of what we share will be for nearby day trips from Almuñécar.  Read more here.

Hiking In Spain - Awesome Guides In The Spotlight. Read more on AlmunecarInfo.com

If you have more to add, feel free to comment below.

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