Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival 2022

New traditions begin and you are here to be part of it!  Announcing the annual Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival (Festival de Jazz en Otoño de Almuñécar).  We will share with you all of the details about the location, artists, and where to get your tickets.

Each October, enjoy the annual Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival!  We will share with you all of the details about the location, artists, and where to get your tickets. Read more on

Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival 2022

The Autumn Jazz festival on the Costa de Granada, in Almuñécar each October at the Casa de la Cultura, Almuñécar, Granada.

Year after year the annual summer event, Jazz en la Costa continues to be known as one of the most important events on the Andalusian coast!  Also as one of the longest-running Jazz festivals in Spain.

This is a newer tradition to remember and enjoy, the annual Autumn Jazz in Almuñécar!
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Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival.


When is the Festival de Jazz en Otoño de Almuñécar?

October 13-15, 2022

This annual event began in 2020 and is held over several nights in early to mid October. In 2022, it will be held over 3 days from October 13-15th.

Where is it located?

The annual Almuñécar Autumn Jazz Festival is held at the indoor auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura.
You may also take the bus from La Herradura to Almuñécar.

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What Time Does It Start?

Festival de Jazz en Otoño de Almuñécar at 21:00  each night

Thursday, October 13 at 21:00
Casa de la Cultura

JULIÁN SÁNCHEZ NEW QUARTET, with Marco Mezquida, Ívo Sans and Bori Albero

The quartet made up of musicians who represent the excellence of the current Spanish jazz scene: Marco Mezquida, on piano, Borí Albero, on double bass and Ívo Sans on drums. They will present a new and original repertoire in Almuñécar, mostly composed by Julián Sánchez. It will delve into the most melodic and free jazz, with influences from jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett or Paul Motian, but always within the original and current character of his compositions.

Friday, October 14 at 21:00
Casa de la Cultura

JOSÉ CARRA QUINTETO, with Luis Regidor, Enrique Oliver, Bori Albero and Dani Domínguez.
José Carra is considered by critics as one of the most important and influential musicians of the new generation of Spanish composers and performers, with an extensive and recognized professional career. 2022 is the year of the launch of Satélite , his new work that he presents in Almuñécar on October 14, inspired by astrophysical phenomena and forming a brilliant musical loop in which all the songs are connected.  Jose Carra will be accompanied by Luis Regidor, on guitar, Enrique Oliver, on sax, Bori Albero on double bass and Dani Domínguez on drums.

Saturday, October 15 at 21:00
Casa de la Cultura

25 YEARS WITHOUT TETE, Ignasi Terraza , Horacio Fumero, Aldo Caviglia and Carme Canela

Jazz in Autumn closes its third edition paying tribute to Tete Montoliu with a line-up of outstanding teachers: Ignasi Terraza, pianist who has inspired several generations in Spain. Also double bassist, Horacio Fumero, companion and friend of Tete for twenty years. Plus vocalist Carme Canela and you will hear Aldo Caviglia on drums.

The repertoire is based on a rereading of the pieces that Tete himself used to perform in his concerts, a pianist who has signed the history of jazz in Spain with golden letters and performed at the Jazz Festival on the Coast and several times at Granada Festival. From songs of his own authorship, to pieces by his favorite musicians, without forgetting the personal inclination that the Catalan musician felt for the bolero and the compositions of his friend and admired Joan Manuel Serrat.

Tete’s music returns again to the Jazz Festival on the Coast, to this very special autumn edition that recalls his musical legacy and legendary figure.

Where To Buy Autumn Jazz Festival Tickets

Tickets for the “III Autumn Jazz Festival of Almuñécar” can be purchased in advance

  • Through the website 
  • In town (Almuñécar)
    • Claves de Almuñécar Museum (Puerta de Granada s/n, Casa de la Cultura)
    • As well as at the Casa de la Cultura box office 1 hour before the show begins.

Organizers: Almuñécar City Council – Granada Provincial Council
Producers: Technical Office. grenade jazz

More information:

Summer Jazz Festival

Also remember to mark your calendars for the annual summer Jazz Festival “Jazz en la Costa” every July.

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