Almuñecar Día de Andalucía February 28 (party the 25th in 2024)

The Día de Andalucía is a holiday celebrated in southern Spain.  You will find many local events to keep you entertained and quite often there will be free access to some of the cultural sites.
Remember it is a regional holiday, so most stores will be closed.

The Día de Andalucía is a holiday celebrated in southern Spain, with cultural events and celebrations. Often with free access to some of the cultural sites, Almuñécar. Read more on

What is Día de Andalucía?

The Día de Andalucía is celebrated on February 28 because on this day in 1980 there was a referendum.  This is the day the Andalusian electorate voted and made Andalucia an autonomous community of Spain.  This afforded them full powers and their own government.

This is a day when the flag of Andalucía is flown high in town and sometimes from homes and balconies. Read more about the flag.

Flag of Andalucía

When is Día de Andalucía?

February 25th Party!
February 28th  Ceremony

Map of Andalucía

Andalucía consists of the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Malaga, & Seville.


Celebrations on Día de Andalucía?

There are celebrations in each province and just about every town, big and small.  Many cultural events take place and often historical sites may be open to the public for free.  In Malaga it is a “white week”, so school is out all week.  In Costa Tropical, it is a holiday on the day.  Most of the main stores, shops, and businesses will be closed, excluding restaurants.

Almuñécar Program 2024

Photo from the town cultural agenda

Sunday, February 25th Party!

This year there will be a big party to celebrate Día de Andalucía on Sunday the 25th of February, from 12:00 until late at night!  It will be held at the P4 “Río Verde” fairgrounds tent with entertainment all day and night.


Free Admission and Charity Bar by the Brotherhood of Cristo Atado a la Columna.

Wednesday, February 28th Formalities  

  • 12:00 Marching Band Performance and Parade
    (Starting at the Municipal School of Music and ending at the Plaza San Cristobal)
  • 13:00 Raising of the flag of Andalusia.
    It will take place at the newly renovated Plaza San Cristobal.  With a walk and performance of the Andalusian anthem, performed by the Municipal Music Band of Almuñécar.
    – Almuñécar Municipal Music Band Performance
    – Andalusian Culture Promotion Awards Ceremony.
    – Reading of Manifesto
    – Hoisting and Tribute to the Andalusian Flag

Some cultural attractions are free or have guided visits as well.  As soon as the detailed program is released, we will inform you here.

Almuñecar Día de Andalucía February 28, 2024

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