La Herradura Puppet Festival 2023

Each summer, we can all experience the annual La Herradura Puppet Festival!  We will share with you all of the details with you below.

Each summer, we can all experience the annual La Herradura Puppet Festival!  Suitable for everyone, we will share all of the details with you. Read more on

La Herradura Puppet Festival 

La Herradura Puppet Festival 2023.


July 20-23, 2023

It is celebrated between at the end of July or early August each year.  It is held in the Plaza de la Independencia La Herradura, with free admission!  It is fun for the entire family on those summer nights in La Herradura.

This annual event is usually held mid-to-late August.  Everyone will love the puppet and magic shows!
For 2023, there will be four different performances, suitable for all audiences.

July 20, Thursday    La cancion de pirata (The Pirate song)
July 21, Friday           Ritmos animalescos  (Animal Rhythms)
July 22, Saturday     La casa encantada (The Haunted House)
July 23, Sunday        Peneque y Fu Man Chi (Peneque and Fu Man Chi)

Where is it located?

The annual La Herradura Puppet Festival is performed on the stage of the main plaza in the center of town, Plaza de la Independencia.

You may also take the bus from Almuñécar to La Herradura.

Plaza de la independencia La Herradura - read more

What Time Does The Puppet Festival Start?

22:00 – that’s 10:00 p.m.

Where To Buy Puppet Festival Tickets

It’s free!  No need to buy tickets, just show up and enjoy.

More information or questions

Department of Culture
Telephone: 958 838 623

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