Summer Nights Festival La Herradura Castle 2024

Sit outside under the stars and enjoy the La Herradura Summer Nighs Festival, which has become a benchmark for summer concerts on the Costa Tropical.  Usually each August, you may enjoy a few magical nights of entertainment at the La Herradura Castle. This location has quite the history and is also a great venue for special events throughout the year, but in the summer it comes alive with entertainment.

Summer Nights Festival La Herradura Castle - Festival Noches en el Castillo de La Herradura. Amazing entertainment each August. Read more on


About El Castillo de La Herradura

The monument was built in 1770 by Carlos III. This was all part of the coastal surveillance and defense strategy. This was about the same time the towers of Cerro Gordo and Punta de la Mona was also erected.  From the castle or fortress, they were able to communicate with the two towers.

This was a way to give warning and defend against Berber pirates and movements on the sea, all to protect the local fishermen and farmers.  As well as the first line of protection for the city of Granada.  Fires were used as a deterrent during the night and smoke signals were used during the day.

The fortress was used by the army until 1839, followed by the civil guard.  In 20o5 the Almuñécar Auyuntamiento took over and commissioned the restoration. In 2011 this restoration was complete and in 2021 the inauguration of the Historical Museum “1562-La Furia del Mar” was opened.

Now the castle is an interactive museum and a cultural space that will keep alive the memory of the shipwreck that occurred off the coast of La Herradura in the year 1562, in which 25 galleys of the Armada sank, in which more than 5,000 people lost their lives, a naval disaster greater than that of the Titanic at the beginning of the 20th century.


When is the La Herradura Summer Nights Festival?

Wednesday, August 21 to Saturday, August 24, 2024

Summer Nights Festival La Herradura Castle - Festival Noches en el Castillo de La Herradura Read more on


La Herradura Castle Nights Line Up 2024

Enjoy four magical days from Wednesday, August 21 to Saturday, August 24 with a varied lineup for all audiences:
🎸 21 August, Wednesday
Winner of the Andrés Segovia contest, Álvaro Toscano.

🎭 22 August, Thursday
Rafael Álvarez “El Brujo”.

🎤23 August, Friday
El Canijo de Jerez, young flamenco.

🎶24 August, Saturday
Guateque with Los Diablos celebrating the 50th anniversary of “Un Rayo de Sol”.


Historical Museum 1562-La furia del mar – Photo Gallery


Tickets – La Herradura Castle Nights 

Points of sale: Páramo and Coral bookstores in La Herradura, Tuk Tuk rental booth in Almuñécar and on the CONSIGUETUENTRADA.COM website
o At the box office: On the day of the concert from 2 hours before the start.
Mayor’s Office of La Herradura

Location near Playa La Herradura

The Castle is about 1 block inland from Playa La Herradura, just to the western end of the village.  You may also access from the N340.

More to do in Playa La Herradura

Monument to shipwrecked sailors

As you enter the town of La Herradura, you will notice a large bronze sculpture along the beach.  This is the Monument to Shipwrecked Sailors.   The deep bay of La Herradura hides the remains of 25 ships of the Spanish Navy, and more than five thousand sailors.  The La Herradura naval disaster occurred on October 19, 1562, due to a very large storm.
Summer Nights Festival La Herradura Castle - Festival Noches en el Castillo de La Herradura. Amazing entertainment each August. Read more on

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Great places to eat in La Herradura

Tapas in La Herradura

As you meander the streets of La Herradura or stroll along the beach or paseo, eventually you will likely stop for some tapas.  We’ll help you find scrumptious tapas in La Herradura.  It may just seem like any regular restaurant from the outside, or it may feel more like a beach-side cafe, but either way, they are going to have some Spanish tapas for you!  Just sit down and order a drink to let the magic happen of the Spanish lifestyle happen.

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Vegetarian La Herradura

While we aren’t aware of any dedicated vegetarian restaurants in La Herradura, there are many that are vegetarian-friendly.  If they don’t specifically have something on the menu, be sure to ask to alter their menu items.  For example, even when you order a salad, you need to be careful, as many come with ham or tuna.  Just specify when you order, as all of the La Herradura restaurants are very friendly.

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