Fiestas Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar & La Herradura (16th July)

Food, drinks, carnival rides, procession, boats and fireworks are what you will get when you celebrate the fiestas Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar!  This usually includes 3-4 days of activities and fun at the western end of San Cristobal Beach. 

Each night is full of people gathering at the makeshift bar on the paseo, as well as kids enjoying the small carnival, plus you can’t go wrong with churros and waffles at Elvira’s open late!  Then on July 16, it’s the day of Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of fishermen and sailors.  The brotherhood will take her and set sail the streets in a procession and then to the waters to bless her in the midst of a festive atmosphere.

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen 2018 Patrona de Los Marinos Almunecar. On July 16, the day of the Virgen del Carmen is celebrated in Almuñécar. The Virgin is the patron saint of the neighborhood of Los Marinos who, proudly walk their patron saint through San Cristobal.   Where they dance and embark her to the Peñón del Santo where fireworks are displayed. Read more on

Who is Virgen de la Carmen?

Santa María del Monte Carmelo, commonly referred to as Virgen del Carmen or Nuestra Señora del Carmen, is one of the various invocations of the Virgin Mary.  These different invocations she receives are a product of the place and the message that she brings.

Historia de la Virgen del Carmen

The name comes from Mount Carmelo, in Israel, in the city of Haifa, a name that derives from the word Karmel or Al-Karem and that could be translated as ‘garden’.  The Old Testament prophet Elias became a hermit in a cave on Mount Carmelo, towards the end of his life.  The pilgrims trying to follow in the prophet’s footsteps, hundreds of years later, invoked the protection of the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmelo – Stella Maris, the Virgin of Carmen.  Now, the Virgin is the patroness and protector of all seamen, fishermen and even scuba divers.

Spain is one of the countries where the dedication to Virgen del Carmen is most deeply rooted.  The fishermen have named the Virgin of Carmelo their faithful protector.  In addition, the Spanish Navy has granted her the title of Patroness.  For this reason, the Virgen del Carmen is also known as “The Star of the Seas” (Stella Maris).  It was once believed that the Virgin cleared up the waters with her presence and that only after July 16 would the sea be fit for swimming in.  Read more about the history (historia de la virgen del carmen).

Let’s hope the medusas (jellyfish) stay away!

Día de la Virgen del Carmen (16th July)

El Día del Carmen is celebrated in select locations along the south coast of Spain usually amongst fishing communities.  As the patron saint of sailors, the Los Marinos barrio carries the statue of the Virgin of Carmen on a route within San Cristobal Beach and then sets sail on a local fishing boat.  Almuñécar is one of the best places to see this celebration, which concludes with a beautiful firework display over the sea.

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen 2018 Patrona de Los Marinos Almunecar



The party tent is set up on Playa de San Cristóbal at the west end of the beach near Chinasol.


Almuñécar Fiestas Virgen del Carmen

Schedule July 15-17, 2022

Almuñécar Fiestas Virgen del Carmen Schedule

We have a general schedule listed below. There are also events in La Herradura.

July 15, 2022 (Friday)

Morning sound rockets

12:00 Environmental activity (organized by the environmental area)
14:00 Traditional meals at the party bar
18:00 Visit to the Loro Sexi park for the little ones
18:30 Last day of the novena in honor of Virgen del Carmen
20:30 Performance of Alma marinera
21:30 Paquillo Zumba performance
22:30 Performance by the Sphere orchestra

July 16, 2022 (Saturday)

Fiesta del Carmen – Procession, party, and fireworks!  

Morning sound rockets

10:00 Open day in the chapel for the floral offering to Virgen del Carmen
14:00 Traditional food at the party bar
17:00 Meeting of members of the Brotherhood
18:00 Departure of the procession from its chapel accompanied by the Musical Group Nuestro Padre Jesus del Rescate (Granada) and the Alma marinera dance group
21:00 Celebration of the Holy Mass in honor of Virgen del Carmen in the recina
           (Playa San Cristobal fútbol pitch).
21:05 Performance of the Jindama group
22:20 Departure of the procession from the chapel and if weather permits sailing in the sea. 
23:00 Grand Fireworks Display!!
23:00 It an 80’s Party! with Marcos Cortes
00:30 The Virgen del Carmen returns to the chapel

July 17, 2022 (Sunday)

Morning sound rockets

09:30 Bike parade
14:00 Traditional meals (Big paella)
14:00 Performance of the Jindama group
17:00 Evi Zumba performance
18:00 One free hour of bouncy houses at the fun zone
19:00 A BIG Foam Party!
19:30 Games for children
21:00 Performance by Miguel Moreno
23:00 Party with DJ Spiry

If you have pets who are afraid of sounds and fireworks, please take note of the detailed schedules.  Each morning there will be sound rockets as well as the night of July 16th.  We have made the word sound rockets and fireworks in bold for you to easily spot.


Procession of the Virgen del Carmen  

Día del Carmen July 16 – feliz dia del Carmen!

  • This is when the floral offerings to the Virgin will take place.  The doors of the chapel will open at 10:00 in the morning and remain open throughout the day, so that any person who wishes to leave flowers may do so.  In the afternoon, the procession will exit the church with the Virgen del Carmen at 18:15 p.m.  Following the procession, the Virgen del Carmen will embark upon the sea.

feliz dia del carmen

Embarking of the imagen Virgen del Carmen

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen 2018 Patrona de Los Marinos Almunecar - Fiesta del Carmen!

Once the skipper has embarked, the sailors walk her, accompanied by other boats with flares, offering a beautiful view from the shore of the beach.  There is no doubt this is a special event to watch from a boat, the beach or even at Hotel Helios rooftop Blue Bar for full panoramic views.

Fiesta Virgen del Carmen 2018 Patrona de Los Marinos Almunecar

Mass on Playa San Cristobal 21:00

Almuñécar Fiestas Virgen del Carmen 2021 July 16 mass at san cristobal beach

Fiesta del Carmen

Be on the lookout for fireworks as well!

La Herradura
Fiestas Virgen del Carmen Schedule 2022  


July 12, 2022 (Tuesday)

21:00 Plaza de la Independencia

22:30 La Herradura Castle
JARA HEREDIA – flamenco dance show

July 13, 2022 (Wednesday)

22:30 La Herradura Castle
Concert – David and Carlos de Jacoba

July 14, 2022 (Thursday)

20:00 Calle Principe
La Herradura Fashion night!

22:30 La Herradura Castle
Concert –  In Paradisium Pepe Luis Carmona “Habichuela”

July 15, 2022 (Friday)  KIDS!

18:00 Plaza de la Independencia
Water festival!!  With huge waterslide on Calle Unidad and amazing water activities.

20:30 Plaza de la Independencia
It’s a Foam Party!

22:30 La Herradura Castle
Concert –  Estrella Morente

July 16, 2022 (Saturday)

Holy Mass in honor of the Virgen del Carmen
Bahia de La Herradura Choir participates

Procession accompanied by the sailors of the Virgen del Carmen association. Traditional Dance Fandango Cortijero
(Performances next to the Chiringuito Bambu on the Beach) and the Municipal Music Band of Almuñécar.

22:00 La Herradura Beach
Fireworks display

22:30 Plaza de la Independencia
Concert – Mediterranean Son

July 17, 2022 (Sunday)

19:00 Plaza de la Independencia
Circus workshops for the little ones.
Registration in the Plaza de la Independencia 30 minutes before.

22:00 Plaza de la Independencia
Families, boys and girls will be able to enjoy an hour of magic show, where fun, illusion and imagination will take place.

Motril Fiestas Virgen del Carmen Schedule 2022

Motril Fiestas Virgen del Carmen Schedule 2022


Past Years

Someone local created this little mobile version for 2020 during covid.





The second week of August means it's time for the Almuñécar Feria and Fiestas Virgen de la Antigua.  Time for celebrations in honor of the town's patron saint,  Virgen de la Antigua.  It's nearly a week full of food, drinks, music, carnival rides, and a procession.  It all ends on August 15th with the biggest night in Almuñécar 's list of annual festivals and the most spectacular fireworks display around! Read more on



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