Shopping Carts With Wheels (Trolley & Carriage)

One of the best things about living in Almuñécar & La Herradura is the walkability!  If you are in town, everything is just out your door, but sometimes you still need assistance getting things home.  This is when shopping carts with wheels come in handy.  Some of you may call them a shopping trolley or shopping carriage, but we just call it a good old shopping cart!

Where to buy Shopping Carts With Wheels (Trolley & Carriage) on the Costa Tropical. Use a shopping trolley and it will ease your walk home. Read more on

Many people have asked us where to buy shopping carts with wheels, so we thought it was time to just give you some of your options in writing here.

Things to consider when buying a Shopping Cart

  • Be sure it can be pushed or pulled, with 2 wheels or 4 wheels.
  • Check the height of handle to be sure it isn’t too high or low for you.
  • Is there a side pocket to store bags, keys or other small items?
  • What is the capacity or volume it can hold?
  • Is there an insulated cooler bag?
  • Is it constructed well to handle the weight of the groceries?
  • How far will you travel with the shopping cart? Make sure it is durable enough to make the trip regularly.
  • What type of opening does it have to load the groceries?  Some have a flap and others have a drawstring, which is easiest for you?
  • What type of fabric covers it?  Will you need something water resistant for those rainy days?
  • Of course the price will be something to consider when buying a shopping trolley.
  • How does it fold up or store in your home?  Will it hang on the wall or does it need to take up floor space?

Where to Buy Shopping Carts with Wheels

The Local Chino Store Shopping Carts

You will find several of these stores around town and they have a little bit of everything.  This is the perfect option if you want a quick fix and need a shopping trolley right away.  They are usually open from Monday through Saturday and at times in the summer months on Sunday.  The prices tend to be a bit high and the quality of the shopping carts and materials vary.

The Hipermarkets  Shopping Trolley

If you can access Motril or Velez-Malaga, then you have even more options with the big hipermarkets.  You will find Alcampo in Motril and a small Carrefour as well.  In Velez-Malaga, you will find an Eroski off of the A7 highway.  Both of these are good options, if you have other things to purchase as well and make it worth the 25-30 minute drive.  They do have some shopping carriages/trollies, but there isn’t a huge variety of them.  You will have a few to select from and often from the 35-55 euro prices range.

Online Shopping Cart Options

There are also several options for purchasing a shopping cart online.  This is our preferred option, as we can see reviews, dimensions, quality and it is usually delivered the next day.

We will share with you some of the top shopping carts with wheels from Amazon.  Feel free to select any of them or browse on your own.  We are Amazon affiliates, so if you make any purchase using our link, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thanks for helping us out!

All of those we have listed below are a minimum of 4 stars and have free shipping with Prime membership.  If you don’t currently have a Prime membership, you can sign up here.  For a low annual fee, you will receive free shipping, music, videos, eBooks, offers on prime day and more!

Top Shopping Carts on Amazon
click on any image to see more

Rating 4.5 stars
Foldable Shopping Cart
Can be hand carrier
2 Wheels
Capacity 75L
Max load 50 kg
Waterproof bag
Rating 4.5 stars
Foldable Shopping Cart
Insulated Cooler Bag
2 Wheels
Capacity 35 L
Max load 25 kg
Detachable Backpack
Rating 4.5 stars
Folding Shopping Cart 2 Wheels
Capacity 41 L
Max load 45 kg
Thermal Bag
Aluminum Frame
Waterproof Bag
Insulated Compartment
Rating 4 stars
Folding Shopping Cart
4 Wheels
Capacity 50 L
Max load 30 kg
Thermal Bag
Interior Pocket
Rating 4 stars
Folding Shopping Cart
4 Wheels
Capacity 48 L
Max load 15 kg
front pocket
Removable washable bag
multiple colors / prints
Rating 4 stars
Folding Shopping Cart
2 Wheels
Capacity 45 L
Max load 30 kg
waterproof detachable bag

Now let’s get shopping!

Shopping Tips

Online shopping & Package delivery points

Sometimes we just can't find exactly what we need locally and need to do a little online shopping!  Many of the bigger chain stores have a website where you may order online and have shipped to your home. We also cover some of the package delivery points in the area. Read more on

Here is our master shopping list for the Costa Tropical and surrounding areas.  Even information on how to get to the shopping malls in Malaga and Granada.

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Where to buy Shopping Carts With Wheels (Trolley & Carriage) on the Costa Tropical. Use a shopping trolley and it will ease your walk home. Read more on

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