Where Are The Speed Cameras in Almuñécar & La Herradura?

Did you know there are speed cameras in Almuñécar?  This shouldn’t be a big surprise, as there are road signs clearly marking the speed radar zone.  That said, when you have beautiful scenery you are looking at or on the hunt for a parking space, you can easily miss those signs.  Needless to say when you receive that multa (fine) in the mail, with a photo of your car, it doesn’t feel good.  Of course the next reaction is denial and that it couldn’t have been you, as you don’t speed.

In general the speed limit through an urban area is 50 kilometers per hour, but most areas within Almuñécar have lower speed limits and are marked.  For example, along the beach roads it is 30 kilometers per hour, but over the speed bumps it is 20 and so on.  There are certain spots which are more dangerous than others, especially if there are many pedestrians.

Locations of The Speed Cameras in Almuñécar


The actual cameras do blend in with the surroundings, so you do need to be on the look out for them.   They are just tall dark grey boxes, about 2 meters high.  You can view a close up of them in the photos below, as well as a distant view on each road.

  1. Paseo Reina Sofia

    Spain Obligatory 30 kilometers per hourThis is a combo 20/20 kilometer per hour zone, so please watch the signs and road markings carefully.  The camera is located near the AquaTropic water park on the land side of the street (opposite the beach paseo).  This can be very busy, especially during the high season with much activity at the water park.  If you are coming from Velilla Beach towards town, it will be on your right hand side, just after you round the corner past the water park.

    Speed Cameras in Almuñécar Paseo Reina Sofia

  2. Avenida Costa del Sol

    Spain Obligatory 30 kilometers per hourLocated directly across from the Hotel Suite Albayzin del Mar.  Last we checked this camera was not functioning and in fact there is a plant growing in front of it.  As you can see, the structure is there and you never know if they will turn it back on.


    Speed Cameras in Almuñécar Avenida Costa del Sol

  3. La Herradura

    There used to be one in La Herradura along the beach, in front of the windsurfing shop.   I no longer see it there, but maybe I am just missing it.  Just be cautious in this area.

  4. A7 Highway

    Spain Obligatory 100 kilometers per hour

Located on the highway just to the east of the La Herradura exit ramp.




If you do receive a multa (fine), just follow the directions on the document.  Usually if you pay within a certain number of days, the fine is reduced up to 50%.

*Remember to watch your speed and give the right of way to pedestrians using the crosswalk.

Parking in Almuñécar

Parking in Almuñécar - how to pay parking fine / parkting ticket in Almunecar

Check here for all of the information about parking in  Almuñécar.  Understand what all of the colored and dashed lines mean, what time of year is there free vs. pay parking, as well as detailed instructions on how to pay a parking fine.  You will want to pay that one right away, for the lowest price.


Driving in Spain

If you want more information about driving in Spain, you can read our ebook.  We talk about general road rules, road signs, speed traps, fines, roundabouts, driver’s licence, who has the right of way, car hire deals, and more.

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A Complete Guide To Driving in Almuñécar Spain

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