Almuñécar Ruta de la Tapa March 6 – 14, 2020

Head out on the Almuñécar Ruta de la Tapa and get your tapas passport stamped!  You are in for wonderful treats and special tapas made for this event each Spring.  Each year the tapas and restaurants change, so keep coming back!

Get your tapas passport stamped and head out on the Almuñécar Ruta de la Tapa!  Each spring you can expect wonderful tapas and a fun experience. Read more on

What is Ruta de la Tapa?

This all began in 2015 and is now an annual tradition, with each year topping the last.  The purpose is to energize and promote small and medium-sized businesses in addition to promoting Almuñécar’s rich and varied cuisine.  It is put on by the Hotel Association of the Tropical Valley with the hope that customers have a memorable experience and either return to their favorite restaurants or perhaps book a special event with them.

This event includes up to 40 local restaurants, who opt to participate in the Almuñécar Ruta de la Tapa.  Each participating restaurant offers one extra special tapa and a drink for a small price, usually 3€.  There are rules to follow to register as a participating restaurant, so you can be sure this is regulated.  Some of the tapas are scrumptious Spanish fare and others are trendy gastronomical delights.

When the final list of restaurant participants and their special offer is determined, the Town Hall produces a special map.  This map will show the location of each restaurant, as well as a photo and description of the tapa they will offer.  Once you have ordered your tapa, that particular restaurant will stamp your “tapa passport” to show you were there.  We all try our best to fill up our passport.

When all is said and done, you then fill in your personal details on your tapa passport and rate your favorites locations/tapas.  The votes are all tallied and the winning restaurants are announced!  You must have consumed a minimum of 5 tapas locations for your vote to count.

In 2019, the Almuñécar / La Herradura app was used to learn more about the process and what is on offer.  Look for the app!

Here are the restaurants and photos of tapas from 2019.

Almuñécar Ruta de Tapas

When is Ruta de la Tapa?

Get your tapas passport stamped and head out on the Almuñécar Ruta de la Tapa!  Each spring you can expect wonderful tapas and a fun experience. Read more on

VI Almuñécar Tapa Route March 6 – 14, 2020

This usually kicks off the gastronomic events for the year and is typically held each Spring (March or April).  The dates usually include two weekends, so there is ample time to try as many as you can.  Sometimes it is two consecutive weekends, with a pause mid-week.  Other times it starts on the Friday of one weekend and ends on the Saturday of the following weekend.  In 2020, it will be 9 consecutive days!


Where do I Get My Ruta de la Tapa Passport?

You may pick up a “passport” at any of the registered restaurants participating in the event or at any of the tourist office locations.


Your votes count!  You will base your vote on various criteria; appearance, taste and if the tapa was as described.  There will be awards for the top three restaurants.  First place will receive an honorable distinction, free participation in the gastronomic fair, and a promotional campaign of the establishment in the gastronomic fair poster. The second and third place winners will receive honorary distinctions and promotional campaign of the establishment.

The passports must have a minimum of five tapas consumed, stamped, and sealed before turning them in.  You may submit your votes at the collection point of the ayuntamiento, the tourist information on the Paseo del Altillo or at the aquarium. The deadline to submit the “passports” is 20 March of this year.   For each passport submitted, the participant will be included in a raffle different gifts, which will be specified when all details are released.

2020 Restaurants!

Here is the list of participating restaurants for 2020, as released by the Ayuntamiento.

Other Gastronomic Events

Gastronomic Fair (usually in June)

Who loves good food?  Yes, you do!  Every year Almuñécar holds a foodie event called the Feria Gastronomica in Majuelo Park.  Be prepared to sample the delicious food from each of the stalls and also partake in a few beverages as well.  It isn’t just about food and drinks though.  No, you will also be very entertained and this is just one of the annual events which are the sign that summer is on the way.

Feria Gastronomica Almuñécar - Each spring Almuñécar hosts the Feria Gastronomica in Majuelo Park.  A 3 day foodie event with delicious food, drinks, entertainment and a celebration of Spring. Read more on


Spanish Recipes – Maria’s Tinto de Verano

Maria’s Tinto de Verano is the perfect refreshment for those hot summer days.  Shhh, don’t tell, but we love them year-round!  Tinto de Verano is a refreshing chilled wine-based cocktail, which literally translates as summer red wine.  It is very similar to the popular Sangria but much easier to make.  View recipe here.

Maria's Tinto de Verano is the perfect refreshment for those hot summer days. It's a refreshing wine-based cocktail, which translates as "summer red wine". Read more on

Spanish Recipes – Ñoquis Con Chipirones (Gnocchi with baby squid)

This recipe for  Ñoquis Con Chipirones, is brought to you by Elle from Spain Buddy. Since moving to Spain in 2006, I have thrown myself headfirst into Spanish cuisine.  Initially, I was happy just to eat it, but as time went on I wanted to be able to recreate those experiences at home. View recipe here.

Spanish Recipes - Ñoquis Con Chipirones (Gnocchi with baby squid), Read more on

More Things To Do in Almuñécar

If this wasn't enough for you or you want more adventurous activities, please review our full list of Things To Do in Almuñécar, including 1/2 day and full day trips from Almuñécar. Things to do in Almunecar Spain. From Almunecar Beaches, to castles there is so much to see and do. Including local activities, day trips, outdoors, Almunecar beaches and more. Read more on

Organized Tours

If you are heading to the bigger cities of Granada or Málaga check out these great tours.  There are also many for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and many great offers for you. Click here to see their latest Deals!


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